11/12/15 / FNeb15 '15

November 2017

Before streaming and before the compact disc, your favorite tunes were put onto a cassette tape. This this time around, Dre Spittaa and F. Nebulous bring you a continuous mix of pure rhymes and loopy beats. You can cosider this project as their "Sorry for the Wait" for Spittaa Season.

Side A takes you an journey friendship, rappity rap, and the truth to when it comes to being used. These songs show you where Dre Spittaa is going.

Side B is F. Nebulous taking the listener to a simpler time, where all that really mattered was dope sample and kick-ass drums. 2015 is the year F. Nebulous believes he truly found his "sound", but before that, he was truly about the loops. Some say he still is. Listen on Soundcloud.

Track List

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV

Spittaa Season

April 2018

This 10 track EP features native Buffalo MC's such as Conscious, JMHH, and Scarcity Zou the Prophet. Follow Dre Spittaa and F. Nebulous on social media for more information on the release of Spittaa Season, and other projects.

Track List

  1. Summers
  2. Spittaa Season
  3. Illmatic Dropout
  4. Deuce Deuce
  5. Notoriously Speaking
  6. 'Bang!' ft. Conscious
  7. Hyperbolic Time Chamber ft. JMHH
  8. They Interlude
  9. Creative Patience ft. Knasty
  10. Sharingan ft. Scarcity Zou